Hello Kelly and Claire! Here are four concepts for the Moments splash page illustration. I'm including some explanations for each one. Let me know which you like the most and I'll draw up a final sketch!

Concept 1: Waitresses on Break Together

Two waitresses at a diner are enjoying a peaceful moment together on their break. They sit in the parking lot on milk crates or the curb. Their friendship makes the restaurant fade into the background - in the corner we see just a hint of tables and stools that indicate their hectic job.

The first composition contrasts the largeness of the girls' friendship with the much smaller restaurant. It's more of a portrait.

The second composition emphasizes the peace and quiet of the moment they share. I personally think this one is more interesting!

Concept 2: Staying in Mom's Old Room

A little girl is staying in her mom's childhood bedroom. She is surrounded by the significant objects of her mother's life:

  • Framed photos from the 60s and 70s
  • A hanging macramé basket
  • Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew detective novels
  • Peanuts comic books, Curious George, Hats for Sale
  • Old dolls from mom's and grandma's generations
  • A guitar
  • A jewelry box and jewelry
  • Old board games

The little girl's things stand out among these:

  • A Beanie Baby brand teddy bear
  • A Harry Potter book
  • A Lisa Frank-esque backpack
  • A child's polka-dot suitcase
  • A Klutz book on how to make friendship bracelets

A busy composition; a story told through objects.

I would love to draw this because I have such vivid memories of my own mom's old room. Autobio forever!

Concept 3: Kids Fishing at Dawn

Two littles girls are fishing in the ocean as the sun rises. They're kids you'd see at beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii - maybe they live on the beach and maybe not, but it's clear from the family's campsite that they've been there for quite awhile. I loved waking up to see these girls in a quiet moment in the mist. It's rare for kids to seem so dignified, doing such a useful task, without supervision.

As you can see I'm not sure how to compose this! Some items I could include are:

  • A tent
  • A campfire or grill
  • A beach shower/footbath
  • Body boards
  • Flipflops
  • A clothesline

But maybe all we need is girls, rocks, and ocean. Let me know what you think!

Concept 4: Surfers Watching the Sunset

Two friends watch the sunset together after a long day of surfing. In the background their families are having a cookout. Background things:

  • A picnic shelter
  • Ironwood trees
  • Someone grilling food
  • Balloons for decoration
  • Kids run around toting a bag of chips
  • Some people sit in camping chairs playing the ukulele

That's about it!

And in case you're curious about the process before all that...